Irving Lake Association
(Lake Vilbig Homeowners)

P.O. Box 171111
Irving, TX 75017-1111


Board of Directors

ILA President: Greg Hoffmann
ILA Vice President: John Mikalik
ILA Treasure: Jackie Walker    
ILA Secretary: Ann Chittatil
ILA 2nd VP:
Franklin D. Harris

Committees and Contacts

Environmental Committee: Brad Dale
Bass Club President: Jon Griffin

Meeting Dates

Annual ILA meeting: 
7:00 pm on the second Thursday of January  

ILA board Meeting:  The first Monday of each month

Bass Club Meetings:  The second Thursday of each month


Make a payment (dues) to the ILA

You can use PayPal to pay your dues with an additional fee. The fee is $.30 + 2.9% of the balance. You will have to calculate and pay your new balance to pay your balance in full.

The calculation follows with a $50 balance as an example:

New balance = Balance + 2.9% interest + $0.30
New balance = $50 * 1.029 + $0.30
New balance = $51.45 +$0.30
New balance = $51.75


The example shows that with a balance of $50, your fee for using PayPal would be $1.75

Click on the Pay ILA Dues button to make a payment


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