Vilbig Bass Club

Constitution and Bylaws



We, being a group of anglers living on Vilbig Lake, wishing to share in fellowship and develop friendships with our neighbors have formed this club.  These rules are to govern the club’s meetings and activities.


Section 1.   We shall be known as Vilbig Bass Club

Section 2.   Our purpose as a club is to:

A.    Promote fellowship and unity.

B.    Assist the Irving Lake Association in insuring our water quality and improving our community.

C.    Organize our friends and neighbors interested in developing Vilbig Lake into a premium sportfishing lake.

D.    Organize competitive fishing events


Section 1.   Any person residing in a household which is a member of the Irving Lake Association and in good standing and embraces the club’s purpose is eligible to become a member.

Section 2.   All members with their dues paid within the guidelines set forth in Article III of this document, are considered to be in good standing. These members are eligible to become an officer in the club and have voting privileges on bass club issues, including voting on changes to the Vilbig Bass Club Constitution and Bylaws.  Voting privileges for changes to the VBC constitution and bylaws are limited to one (1) vote per paying member's household.


Section 1.  Annual membership dues are $60.00 per family household.  All members paid in full by the March meeting are members in good standing.  

Section 2. A family household definition.  If a family membership is unclear, then officers will evaluate the circumstances and decide if the anglers in question are what is considered a family among the people living together in that particular house.

Section 3.  Stocking funds may only be used for stocking the lake, fish health, or fish maintenance.

Section 4.  A written receipt will be given to all members paying dues.

Section 5.  Minors (16 and under) are not required to pay dues.  If a minor fishes in a club tournament with an adult who lives on the lake, that adult must pay dues.  An adult living on the lake cannot piggy back off a minor’s free dues status.

ARTICLE  IV   OFFICERS   ( Must be a member in good standing )

Section 1.   The officer positions of the club will be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Tournament Director.

Section 2.   All officers shall serve as Executive Committee members.

Section 3.   Nomination of officers shall be held at the November regular monthly meeting.

Section 4.   Election of officers to begin their term in February will be held at the December regular monthly meeting.  Any member that is unable to attend the December meeting may place his/her proxy with the Secretary at any time prior to that meeting.

Section 5.   In the event an office becomes vacant, nominations and the election to fill that office will be held at the next monthly meeting after the vacancy exists.

Section 6.   The term of office shall be for one year.  The term will begin at the annual banquet held in February until the next banquet the following year.



Section 1.   President

A.    To insure the purpose and rules of this club are upheld.

B.    To chair all club meetings and activities.

C.    To call and chair all executive committee meetings.

D.    Form committees for special events, socials, or any situation that is not covered by this document.

Section 2.   Vice President

A.    To insure the purpose and rules of this club are upheld.

B.    Assume the duties of the President in his/her absence.

C.    Assist the Tournament Director at all tournament weigh-ins.

D.    Assume the duties of the Tournament Director in his/her absence at any club meeting or tournament.

Section 3.   Secretary

A.    To insure the purpose and rules of this club are upheld.

B.    To maintain attendance records at all tournaments, record tournament points, and supply the Tournament Director with this information.

C.    Maintain and distribute a current point standing list at each monthly meeting accompanied with any new club or neighborhood news.

D.    Accept and record election proxies from members that cannot attend the December meeting.

Section 4.   Treasurer

A.    To insure the purpose and rules of this club are upheld.

B.    To collect all dues and inform the club at the May meeting of all members in good standing.

C.    To secure all trophies and awards.

D.    To keep accurate records of club funds and report the club operating and stocking fund balances at every monthly meeting.

E.     Assist the Secretary at all tournament weigh-ins.

 Section 5.   Tournament Director

A.    To insure the purpose and rules of this club are upheld.

B.    To present all trophies and awards at each monthly meeting.

C.    To direct all tournament activities including;

1.)   The accurate measuring and weighing of all fish.

2.)   The care and health of all fish.

3.)   Maintain the fish holding equipment insuring the fish have the least amount of stress.

4.)   Insure the scales and other club tournament assets are properly maintained and protected.

5.)   Insure the tournament procedures in the procedure section of this document are followed.

6.)   After polling officers available, the Tournament Director makes the final decision as to when or if to cancel a tournament due to weather; or to postpone the start or weigh-in.

Section 6.   Committees  ( All committee members must be in good standing ).

A.    Committees may be formed at any regular meeting for any specific activity or issue.  Such as fund raising, social activities, rules or any situation not covered in this document.

B.    All committees report to the President.

C.    All committees are automatically dissolved upon completion of the activity or situation.

 D.    Budget committee.  The bass club officers are the budget committee.  The Committee will present a yearly budget to the club members at the March meeting.  The budget committee approves or denies expenses not in the annual budget.  At year-end the budget committee will decide how much general fund money gets rolled over to the next year and how much rolls over to the stocking fund.  The Treasurer chairs the budget committee.        


Section 1.   Club Meetings

A.    Regular monthly meetings will be held at 7:30 P.M. on the second Thursday of each month except January. The January meeting will be held at 7:30 pm on Tuesday prior to the second Thursday of the month.

B.    Tournaments will be held the Saturday following each regular meeting.

C.    The meeting and tournament dates may be changed by the Executive Committee if a conflicting event exists, or it is the club’s interest to make a change.



Section 1.   Tournament Awards

A.    There shall be no cash awards from club funds at any Vilbig Bass Club event.  Drawings for prizes in meetings, tournaments or the banquet are allowed.

B.    Tournament awards are appropriately engraved plaques, plates, and certificates.

C.    Awards shall be presented for each tournament based on aggregate weight of fish caught by each member, and by each properly constituted team. Awards will not be presented for zero weights.

D.    First, second, and third place individual and team awards shall be presented for each tournament.

E.     Also a big bass of the tournament will be awarded, this is based on the heaviest single fish.

Section 2.   Tournament Pairings

A.    Draw pool

1.)   A draw pool for pairings will be available at all tournaments.

2.)   All members wishing to fish a draw pool tournament must be in the draw pool.  Therefore it is imperative that each member that cannot attend the regular monthly meeting notify the Tournament Director that he/she wishes to fish in the tournament prior to the meeting.  The Tournament Director will include them in the draw pool for pairings.

3.)  If a member has a partner drop out, that member and that member alone will have the option of either fishing alone as a team, or pairing with another member who does not have a partner, thus forming a new team and fishing from one boat.   

4.)  Each team will determine between themselves whose boat to use.  Each Angler of the “Paired Team” will have the option to control the boat for one half of the tournament. If the angler in control for the first half doesn’t want to relinquish control of his boat during the second half of the tournament, The team can transfer to the second angler’s boat for the remainder of the Tournament and the Second angler will be in control of that boat.

B.    Pick Tournaments

1.)   Selected tournaments members may pair up ( pick ) their team.

2.)   Members may fish pick tournaments with a member they have fished with, either in a pool or pick tournament.  Although it is encouraged  to fish tournaments with different partners to promote fellowship.

3.)   A member may choose to fish with a guest.  The guest will receive no plaque or reward, but his points will count for team weight.  Guests are at pick tournaments only.

C.    If after pairings have been made, a member finds his/her circumstances have changed and he/she can no longer fish that tournament, it is imperative that they notify the Tournament Director as soon as possible.

D.    If in the best interest of the club, the executive committee may modify the format of the tournament.  

Section 3.   Tournament Guidelines

                   A.  The only method of fishing permitted during tournament competition is the use of artificial lures from a boat.

B.    A member from each team must be present on time at weigh-in.  The tournament clock will be official time.  The Tournament Director will determine the year’s exact check-in procedure at the March meeting.

C.    A member may present up to 3 fish of the black bass family per tournament. 

D.    All decisions concerning the tournament including the weigh-in are the Tournament Directors and are final.

                   E.   The schedule of tournaments and pairings (draw pool or pick) are as listed.

1.)   February - The Classic (see item F below).       

2.)   March - Pick          

3.)   Marty Tackett Memorial April Bass Tournament / April - Draw Pool

4.)   May - Pick

5.)   David Kern Founders Tournament / June - Draw Pool

6.)   July - Pick

7.)   Bill Grigsby Memorial August Bass Tournament / Aug - Draw Pool

8.)   September - Pick

9.)   October - Lake Section Double Draw / Oct - Draw Pool

10.)   November - Pick

11.)  Marcus Boudreaux Memorial December Bass Tournament  / Dec - Draw Pool       

  1. The Classic Tournament - The date will be held on the Saturday following the third Thursday in February. Points are not counted. A special committee will be chaired by the tournament director each year to create the final set of rules.

  2. The Lake Section Double Draw. This is the regular October tournament where points are   counted. The lake will be sectioned into zones. All members will be placed into a draw pool for partners and then the teams will draw for the starting section of the lake.  Start time will be voted on at the October meeting.   The sections or zones will be  drawn/mapped each year by a special committee chaired by the Tournament Director   and presented at the October meeting. Progression from one zone to another will also be drawn/mapped by the special committee and presented at the October meeting.  The Tournament Director will provide the documentation for each team at the October meeting.  All other Bass Club rules apply to this event and the Tournament Director has full authority to make a decision on any unforeseen circumstances.

                        H All Points Tournaments will be five hours in duration excluding the double draw. The start time will set by a vote at the regular monthly meeting preceding each tournament.

     I.    All fish must be kept in aerated live wells, no stringers or baskets.  All fish must be identifiable at all times as to which angler caught the fish. Example: a) kept in separate live wells; or b) use of Cull Tags or markers in the same live well. If not, both anglers will be disqualified from that Tournament. 

     J.  No trolling.

    K. The tournament Director and their partner shall not be allowed to weigh-in their own or their partner’s fish.  Someone else in the club will weigh-in those fish

    L.  Only one fishing rod per angler may be used at any one time. Additional rods may be in the boat and ready for use; however, each cast and retrieve must be completed before another cast is attempted or rod is used.

    M.  No puncture cull tags are allowed.

Section 4.   Tournaments Points.

A.    Sixteen points shall be awarded for each pound of live bass submitted for weigh-in, one point per ounce.

B.    Eight points shall be awarded to each member for tournament participation, to be applied to his/her overall standings but not added to his/her overall tournament weight.

C.    A 8-ounce deduction for any dead fish will be applied. The decision as to whether a fish is to be counted as alive or dead is made by the Tournament Director at the time of weigh-in.  This deduction applies to individual, team, and big bass weights. This only applies to big bass if the dead fish is presented as “Big Bass”.  Each new Tournament Director will present to the club, prior to the March tournament, his/her standards for determining a live or dead fish and must be consistent throughout the year.

Section 5.   Tournament Plaques 

A member has 2 options and can pick one that is best for him or her.

          Option 1 – The member covers the cost of a store bought plaque.   Cost is about $50.  

          Option 2 - The club builds the plaque using the club’s stock.  These plaques are free to club members. The anglers name and club name will be on the first plate centered on the 1st plaque. 

Section 6.   Tournament Plates

            A. Members will receive tournament plates.

            B. Guests receive certificates if requested.  The certificate will be presented at the next bass club meeting.



Section 1.   Awards Banquet.

A.    An annual awards banquet will be held each February.

B.    The outgoing officers are responsible for coordinating this event and will transfer their offices to the newly elected officers at this time.

Section 2.   Awards for excellence in angling

A.    Fisherman of the Year plaque.  The member in good standing that has accumulated the most tournament points.   

B.    Big Bass of the Year plaque.  The member in good standing that has submitted the heaviest bass at a tournament weigh-in.

C.    Sportsmanship Award plaque.  The member in good standing who best exemplifies our clubs purpose.  This member is chosen at the January regular meeting by secret ballot.  

D.    Most Improved Award .  The member in good standing that has shown the most readiness to improve his/her angling abilities.  This member is chosen at the January regular meeting by secret ballot.

E.     The members that finish in the overall point standing two through five will also be recognized with plates for their efforts and abilities.

F.     An appreciation plaque or certificate for the outgoing President thanking him/her for their unselfish time and talents will be awarded. A first time president will receive a plaque. If the president has been president before he or she will receive a certificate.

G.  Classic Award. First place receives a Classic Award. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd reveive plates.

H.  High Score Individual Award. The Highest individual weight during the year.

I.  High Score Team Award. The highest team weight during the year.



Section 1.   A member may be removed from club membership for any action that would reflect unfavorably upon the club.  There will be no reimbursement of dues.

Section 2.   The member removed will forfeit all points earned for that tournament year.

Section 3.   Removal from membership shall require a 75% approval of the households in good standing.  Each household is one vote.

Section 4.   The removed member may submit a request to the members in good standing to be re-admitted to the club at the beginning of any tournament season.  A 75% approval by  the households in good standing will be needed for re-admittance.  Each household is one vote



Section 1.   Any amendments to these By-Laws will require 75% approval of the households in good standing each household is one vote.  This applies to                   changes during the year.

Section 2.  These By-Laws will be totally reviewed by a new rules committee. The committee will be formed during the November meeting. The committee will decide if any rules changes are needed.  The committee will meet between the November meeting and the January meeting. If a committee is not formed, there will be no rules changes.  All proposed rule changes must pass by a MAJORITY vote of at least 50% of the members in good standing PRESENT OR REPRESENTED BY PROXY at the regular January meeting



Section 1:  Club officers will designate an ethics committee consisting of five households in good standing who will report their decision back to the officers.

Section 2:  It will be the responsibility of this committee to meet with all involved parties and hear all sides at the time regarding the formal protest before reaching a conclusion.

Section 3:  this committee can and will be allowed to assess any penalty it deems appropriate regarding  the formal protest, with the exception of removal from membership.


To review the changes made to this document,  click on the following link:  History of Changes   (see Bass Club Rules History)

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